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Uncertainty of life

Uncertainty of happy times

Uncertainty of careers

Uncertainty of health

Uncertainty of wealth

Uncertainty of soul

Everything we know is uncertain and we want to make everything certain.

But are we certain about that everything?

Do we all want to live a happy life with a booming career with the best of health, wealth and soul?

Yes, we all do

Then, why are we certain only about career and wealth?

Why are we uncertain about life, happiness, health and soul?

Yes, career and wealth lead to it all

But is life, happiness, health and soul non existent without career and wealth?

It’s uncertain, I believe

We don’t know because we haven’t tried

There’s no reason to try, it’s going as per plan

If the plan fails, if uncertainty shows it’s face

There’s no harm in trying

It would be difficult, it’s different than usual

It would take a toll, to find another way

We will fail, we will learn ways it doesn’t happen

Until we make it happen

When we make it happen

It will still be uncertain

We will still live

Live to do it all over again

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Long time…No see!

Long time…no see…huh!

I wonder who came up with this funny line/quote/saying/ phrase (what do we call it?). It makes no sense grammatically and it is totally misused in texts and chats. However, I am no going to blabber about the phrase (let’s just call it that) itself. I am going to talk about the syndrome.

I am suffering from the ‘long time…no see’ syndrome s far as this blog is concerned.

I have been away for long…way too long and it’s all my laziness’s fault. [For the record – I am a very busy girl (I have three a full time job that I have to concentrate on weekdays; I am taking Spanish classes on weekends; and lastly I have this amazing online magazine – – that I have to run all through the week after I finish with the first two along with a few of my friends and now partners) so I should be allowed that wee bit of laziness.] Here with his blog post I wanted to come back to the writing scene but as any person suffering from the ‘long time…no see syndrome’ I was simply at a loss of words.

Since I did not what to write about, I thought I’d just start with this random post about the oh so common disease. Have you ever been in a situation where you have been at a loss of words simply because you haven’t spoken to the person in a long time? I’d love to hear all about it. Comments awaited 🙂