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Uncertainty of life

Uncertainty of happy times

Uncertainty of careers

Uncertainty of health

Uncertainty of wealth

Uncertainty of soul

Everything we know is uncertain and we want to make everything certain.

But are we certain about that everything?

Do we all want to live a happy life with a booming career with the best of health, wealth and soul?

Yes, we all do

Then, why are we certain only about career and wealth?

Why are we uncertain about life, happiness, health and soul?

Yes, career and wealth lead to it all

But is life, happiness, health and soul non existent without career and wealth?

It’s uncertain, I believe

We don’t know because we haven’t tried

There’s no reason to try, it’s going as per plan

If the plan fails, if uncertainty shows it’s face

There’s no harm in trying

It would be difficult, it’s different than usual

It would take a toll, to find another way

We will fail, we will learn ways it doesn’t happen

Until we make it happen

When we make it happen

It will still be uncertain

We will still live

Live to do it all over again

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For all the haters out there

Here’s asking you guys to become lovers…It’s a much happier place to be in.


So I know I am writing after forever but I think this has been long coming. The trigger were the recent trolls on India celebrating a meagre 2  medals in their Olympic performance.

While hey all you haters (soon to be lovers) out there…I agree to all that you have to sell. I know it isn’t the best of the performances if you compare it with  US or UK or even Cuba or North Korea. What the heck it wasn’t one of our own best performances.

But what the heck, instead of sulking at how all our medal hopes were destroyed by Abhinav Bindra, Gaga Narang and Sania Nehwal; we chose to celebrate our presence in sports we haven’t traditionally done very well.

We have been participating in every Olympics Games since 1920 and have only managed a total of 28 medals (9 Golds, 7 Silvers and 12 Bronze). Of which 5 are pre-independence and 6 came in 2012 at London. So we have always been in a sorry state with overall Olympic performances

What we celebrated this time around was this;

  • It was India’s second medal in Badminton this time. It was a better performance than the last (Silver to the Bronze Sania won in London).
  • This year we saw the first Indian woman to win something in Wrestling.
  • Dipa became the first female gymnast from India to qualify in Olympics – on top of which she ranked 4th
  • Dipa also became only the 5th woman in the WORLD to have successfully completed the Produnova

So you see, we had a lot to celebrate. Also, yes we realise our sports facilities are not that great which lead to poor performances but we chose to be inspired to change the situation by performances such as that of Dipa, Pusarla (PV Sindhu) and Sakshi.

We just refuse to bow down and say we lost because we can’t lose until our spirit is alive and let me have you in on a secret – the word is our spirit is not just alive it’s burning strong and high.

Until next time!

¡Hasta la proxima!

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Work In Progress

Who am I?

I am a girl/boy

I am a woman/man

I am a human

While I might be all of these

It is not who I am

I am a preacher

A preacher of independence

A preacher of travel

A preacher of NOW – the present

A preacher of love & joy

I am a hater

A hater of abuse

A hater of assault

A hater of crime

A hater of judgments

I am a believer

A believer of redemption

A believer of the criminal

A believer of goodness

A believer of God

I may not be perfect

I may not be you

I am a work in progress

I am life.

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When was the last time Indians educated in English medium schools read a book in their mother tongue?

Answer by Suhani Malik:

Sadly I have never read a book (as in novel or the likes) in HIndi…last I read a story or poem in Hindi was back in school.
It is even more sad to admit that I don’t think I can read more than an article in the newspaper in Hindi.

When was the last time Indians educated in English medium schools read a book in their mother tongue?