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*back from 2007*


From bed she rose up

Dressed herself up

Kissed my forehead


She wanted to go!

She was serious when she said

Said she was moving on

I was left dazed by the words

“I hope u take it well”

By reflex I spoke up

“I love u no doubt

I’ll always do, without a doubt

You want to go, I won’t stop you

If you want to stay, I’ll embrace you

Always will you remain in my heart

My heart will shelter you, protect you till it pumps and later too

My love, my blessings, my shadow will be with you till I live and after I die

My intensity of love is beyond measure

I do not wish to explain

Read my eyes you’ll have it all”

She didn’t look up

Her eyes threw up

‘I am SORRY’ she finally uttered

I kept looking at her

Never in life so fucked up/motionless

Saw her running away, away, away

She was GONE. GONE forever

My heart is bleeding

Emotions gushing out like prisoners of Central Jail

Sorrow is condensing, joy evaporating

Smitten by the leach of isolation

Here I am walking on the deserted avenue

Trying to figure out the answers

Answers to questions I do not comprehend

All this to fill the vaccum

Vaccum that makes me squall

My soul is starving

My situation fathomless

When I walk, I walk till I collapse

When I think, I think till my mind rots

I don’t sleep, for the fear of sleeping to death

I ain’t willing to die but there seems no escape

I succumb to my seclusion

I have accepted my defeat though

I don’t have the guts to face it

I begin to run, run, run, run, run

There is a jolt in my body

Mind dashed unable to open my eyes

I collapse for the last time in my life

Lying face down, struggling to breath, I…..


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I will survive!

*back from May 2012*


I love you! You say

Then why don’t I feel the love oozing from you when you are around?

You say you are all in

But I don’t feel it.

Am I a fool?

Ever wondered I have been taking care of myself for way too long now

I would like to be taken care of for a change.

I am a strong person I know.

But every now & then I like to be free.

Everyone has ambitions, I know you have them too

If I am there for you all through it

Then who will be there for me when I need it?

I don’t see you putting your life on hold for me.

You are sorry! You say

But ask yourself, are you?

Not really! Right?

I know…& you know what?

I get it

I am ready for you…while you are not.

It is fine.

I will survive!

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Love Story!

*back from some time in 2011*

Been a loner too long

Life now feels like a solitary confinement

It is sad on my part

But I long for a companion

The man of my dreams

Haha, the man of my dreams!

He is no one special

And he is no one ordinary

He is just the best thing yet to happen to me

His dreams are my life

He himself will be my life

I don’t know what I would mean to him

But I would like to believe, I mean the world to him

He is just somewhere

Lost in the crowd

Trying to figure out his way to me

While I just wait here

In the corner somewhere

Waiting for him to bump into me

Look into my eyes and never turn back

Ah, nice imagination!

But I know something

God does not fantacize

He creates our fantacies

So one day, some day

When I feel miserable and am in a bad shape

He will have me dress up

Make me look beautiful but sad

And then somewhere at some place

I will fall right into the arms of the love of my life

It’s a nice story

But I know it will turn real

Some day, one day when I feel miserable

From the movie – August Rush
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Fresh cream!

*back from 13 June 2012*


In the creamy layers of life

There will be a time

Your sweet tooth becomes sour.

In this test of time

The cream now suffocates you.

The lumps

The lumps require to be removed.

The sugar should be separated

Kept away from house keeping

It is too precious to be messed up.

The sugar shall wait

Gradually understanding

They are not being ignored

Just being protected.


In this wait

You come to terms

Not with life

With what life has taught you.

The change in you

Accept. Ease in. Get comfortable.


The sugar shall still wait.

When you are positive

When you are confident

This was all for the best.

It is your job

Hug back the sugar in your life

Make fresh cream!

20100531-whipped cream-strawberry

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The Prince & The Commoner

*written sometime in 2012*


He was a prince

She was a commoner

He had his arrogance

She had her preconceived notions

He was strong

She was fragile

They were both trapped

Trapped in the wrath of life

He had never been responsible

Now it was time to take up responsibility

Right when he wanted it not

She had always been responsible

Now it was time she was tired

Right when she wanted to give up

Bump into each other they did

Not like a fairy tale

Only by the wrath of life

He had to put together a face

She was to provide for that face

At the first glance

They admired each other

For they were both beautiful

He was like no prince

All shimmery & proper

He was like normal

All casual & messy

She was like no commoner

All courteous & obeying as he pleased

She was like a princess

All rough & demanding

Like he for her was only a commoner

Soon the admiration died

They were too different

From what they expected

It was only contradiction from then on

Debates polluted their conversation

To win over the other

was their only motive

Until one day …

… one day they were trapped

Not by the wrath of life this time

But by the wrath of Karma

Trapped under the same roof they were

Bombs – the heavy heavy bombarding

Kept them in each others company for two whole days

It was then that they saw

Saw each other

For who they really were

They were only frustrated souls

Life had been too easy for him

Only to drop a bomb

When he was least prepared

Life had been too hard for her

Never taking the weight off her shoulders

Specially after giving several hopes

they empathised with each other

That’s how the understanding began

This was not the end

Just the beginning

A beautiful story of understanding, friendship & love.