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Unexpected Guests

This post is in response to todays *Daily Prompt*

The unexpected guest. I should start this post by mentioning that I am an Indian who has lived in India all her life and unexpected guests are very common here. There have been innumerable occasions when I have walked into my house and have seen guests sitting there in the living room; expecting me to be the ideal host and leave everything aside to entertain them.  The *atithi devo bhava* [Guest is equivalent to God] saying is taken a little too seriously in our culture. You would not believe it but I have had unexpected guests over and they have been welcomed to stay the night by my parents right in the middle of exam season. To top this, since my family is a joint one [our Grandparents stay with us] we are short on a guest room and I have been kicked out of my room to study and sleep on the on the living room couch while the guests can stay comfortably in my room. Lord knows how I survived during those days.

However, since I am all grown up and sensible I detest unexpected guests and make it a point that I do not make undue sacrifices for them. Everyone needs to understand that the other person cannot and should not put his/her life on hold just because you decided to show up unexpected.

Grow up people…you are not kids anymore!



An angel by heart and a devil by mind!

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