Long time…No see!

Long time…no see…huh!

I wonder who came up with this funny line/quote/saying/ phrase (what do we call it?). It makes no sense grammatically and it is totally misused in texts and chats. However, I am no going to blabber about the phrase (let’s just call it that) itself. I am going to talk about the syndrome.

I am suffering from the ‘long time…no see’ syndrome s far as this blog is concerned.

I have been away for long…way too long and it’s all my laziness’s fault. [For the record – I am a very busy girl (I have three a full time job that I have to concentrate on weekdays; I am taking Spanish classes on weekends; and lastly I have this amazing online magazine – http://taleportmagazine.com – that I have to run all through the week after I finish with the first two along with a few of my friends and now partners) so I should be allowed that wee bit of laziness.] Here with his blog post I wanted to come back to the writing scene but as any person suffering from the ‘long time…no see syndrome’ I was simply at a loss of words.

Since I did not what to write about, I thought I’d just start with this random post about the oh so common disease. Have you ever been in a situation where you have been at a loss of words simply because you haven’t spoken to the person in a long time? I’d love to hear all about it. Comments awaited 🙂


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