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I will survive!

*back from May 2012*


I love you! You say

Then why don’t I feel the love oozing from you when you are around?

You say you are all in

But I don’t feel it.

Am I a fool?

Ever wondered I have been taking care of myself for way too long now

I would like to be taken care of for a change.

I am a strong person I know.

But every now & then I like to be free.

Everyone has ambitions, I know you have them too

If I am there for you all through it

Then who will be there for me when I need it?

I don’t see you putting your life on hold for me.

You are sorry! You say

But ask yourself, are you?

Not really! Right?

I know…& you know what?

I get it

I am ready for you…while you are not.

It is fine.

I will survive!



An angel by heart and a devil by mind!

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