Private Speaking!

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“Suhani, read out this piece of news to the assembly.”

That was Mrs. Kamal’s voice above me in junior assembly and I obediently went up the stairs on to the stage and read out the news. That is how it all started, I must have been in first grade. It was a simple task. Go up and read out the news. I did and that was it.

As you must have guessed by now, I never gave a second thought to it.

It was when I grew up, I think I was in seventh grade when we had a workshop on Public Speaking and I realised that this was a major issue with some kids. They got scared on stage as so many people were looking at them. It never occurred to me that way. For me it was simple, people assemble to listen and who so ever is on stage speaks. So whenever I was asked to go up on stage and speak, I simply spoke.

I follow this really nice blog called The Daily Post and when they came up with the topic of Public speaking, I simply had to write about it. Not to brag, how great I am at it and how I continued in the glory (that is for another time) but to point out about another issue that people can face. Private speaking!

download (1)

You can call this Private conversations as well. I face this issue. Even though I am great at speaking in front of an audience. I can not handle private conversations. Whenever, I have to face someone and talk to them eye to eye, I lose it. I prefer writing it to them in texts or emails.

I don’t know where all my courage goes then. I have thought about it a couple of times and I think it is because I have a fear of judgements. People around me are always judging and it freaks me out. In public I have the solace that these people do not know me (that is my defence against their judgements). While in private, it is my friends and family – how do I escape their judgements?

Do any of you ever face an issue like this?


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