3 AM


It’s 3 AM and I am still awake.
It is not the first time and definitely not the last.
I was working and enjoying and helping.
All at once.

And now I am falling asleep.
So you see it’s not insomnia.
I am awake by choice
Rather in need.

It’s Ganesh Chaturthi and Ganpati ji is at my cousins place.
Supposedly we have to stay awake and give him company all day and all night
Since I had to do some of my magazine related work I volunteered to stay awake and here I am left alone.
I had a long nice chat with my cousins and it was fun.
I helped a friend prepare something for his work.
I finished my magazine work.
And now everyone is asleep.
I could wake one of my cousins up but they have been at it all day. They are tired and deserve a few hours of rest.

Let them enjoy the peace before the wind of exertion coming their way in the morning.

And I will pass my time in exploring stuff.
Just like this post. I posted this just to know how does it look like of you post a blog from your phone.

Good night world!



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