Fresh cream!

*back from 13 June 2012*


In the creamy layers of life

There will be a time

Your sweet tooth becomes sour.

In this test of time

The cream now suffocates you.

The lumps

The lumps require to be removed.

The sugar should be separated

Kept away from house keeping

It is too precious to be messed up.

The sugar shall wait

Gradually understanding

They are not being ignored

Just being protected.


In this wait

You come to terms

Not with life

With what life has taught you.

The change in you

Accept. Ease in. Get comfortable.


The sugar shall still wait.

When you are positive

When you are confident

This was all for the best.

It is your job

Hug back the sugar in your life

Make fresh cream!

20100531-whipped cream-strawberry


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