The Prince & The Commoner

*written sometime in 2012*


He was a prince

She was a commoner

He had his arrogance

She had her preconceived notions

He was strong

She was fragile

They were both trapped

Trapped in the wrath of life

He had never been responsible

Now it was time to take up responsibility

Right when he wanted it not

She had always been responsible

Now it was time she was tired

Right when she wanted to give up

Bump into each other they did

Not like a fairy tale

Only by the wrath of life

He had to put together a face

She was to provide for that face

At the first glance

They admired each other

For they were both beautiful

He was like no prince

All shimmery & proper

He was like normal

All casual & messy

She was like no commoner

All courteous & obeying as he pleased

She was like a princess

All rough & demanding

Like he for her was only a commoner

Soon the admiration died

They were too different

From what they expected

It was only contradiction from then on

Debates polluted their conversation

To win over the other

was their only motive

Until one day …

… one day they were trapped

Not by the wrath of life this time

But by the wrath of Karma

Trapped under the same roof they were

Bombs – the heavy heavy bombarding

Kept them in each others company for two whole days

It was then that they saw

Saw each other

For who they really were

They were only frustrated souls

Life had been too easy for him

Only to drop a bomb

When he was least prepared

Life had been too hard for her

Never taking the weight off her shoulders

Specially after giving several hopes

they empathised with each other

That’s how the understanding began

This was not the end

Just the beginning

A beautiful story of understanding, friendship & love.



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