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We spend a lot of our time and energy preaching that we should not lie.

We tell kids that telling a lie is bad, a sin and what not.

Do we really think it is?

I had this epiphany today that we all lie in some form or the other and do it all the time. Sometime without even realizing. My mentor sent me a thought this morning saying – Tell a Lie Once and all your truths become questionable.

Do they? I reckon NO.

I believe in the quote from the TV show How I Met Your Mother by my favorite character Barney Stinson – A lie is only a great story that someone ruined with the truth!

Lies help us survive and they help us cope. They help us live the way we want to. They are mostly intended to protect and not hurt.


If you think absolute truth is the only way to live – think about this;

When you get Christmas gifts for kids do you tell them they are from you and not Santa?

When a kid suffers a loss, do you educate them about death or tell them the person in question moved on to be a star or is visiting God or a similar story (which is essentially a lie)

When someone asks you to pray for them do you say yeah or nod and never pray?

Do you shatter an aspiring artists hopes by telling them they are horrible?

Don’t you tell a school kid that college will be awesome – do you know that for sure?

We do the opposite every day of our lives. Preaching about the truth is the most hypocritical thing we all do.


I don’t say we should preach about lies either. We should just be neutral and objective about it. Say it out loud that you tolerate some lies and not all of them.

Preach that this tolerance of lies if subjective – every person has a different tolerance level.


I really believe in lies. Every story that I have ever read and loved is essentially a lie but I still love it.

None of us know if our scriptures (the Ramayana for example – I am a Hindu) were actually true or just stories. The Mahabharata has been witnessed and written by a blind man – how can we be sure it occurred?

And I still believe and try and follow all Hindu traditions/customs some of them at least) – I wouldn’t want someone to take that away from me with the truth.

Maybe the Rama Mandir and Kurukshetra were the retro versions of the Harry Potter theme parks.

Do you know there is an actual pillar in the London railway station that says platform 9 ¾ (or whatever Harry Potter books say it is supposed to be – I am not a fan and haven’t read but you can kill me for that later).

Don’t you think some 1000 years later someone is going to stumble across the books and find evidence of reality in that pillar and theme parks?


Our lies are our history and our future. They are as old as we are. We wouldn’t need language if we didn’t want lies. If we really wanted to explore ways of communication only for the truth – we would have spent more time and effort exploring telepathy (and don’t tell me you don’t believe that is possible).

We should learn to embrace lies and when you start analyzing what you lie about you will start to understand your inner workings better.


Hasta la proxima!


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An unsuitable boy – An autobiography?

I raised this question of whether An Unsuitable Boy by Karan Johar is an autobiography at all in an earlier post. Here I  am giving my view on that.

I read the book with the purpose of gaining insight into what it means to be a gay man in a country where being gay is still illegal. Even if he was from a society where they are most accepted. While I did know that he did not come out publically as gay in the book because of the legal reasons (not everyone is an activist and I respect the fact that he doesn’t even pretend to be one just because of his position in society) but I expected him to talk about the difficulties or I should rather say challenges.

I was disappointed. It was not that he did not touch the subject at all. Karan was rather forthcoming and called himself effeminate many times but there were no real challenges he refers to. He did say that he went through some voice therapy to make his voice more masculine and little things like that. It is either that he did not have to face too many challenges or it is that he did not want the book to be about his being a gay man.

This, however, does not completely answer why I refrain from calling the book an autobiography. The way he has written the book is more like a narrative. In a style that I am writing right now. It is like he is chatting with us.  He goes back to his childhood and his school. He talks about his struggles and mentions his feelings at the time without going into too many details at any point in time. Also, he does not follow a timeline. He follows subjects. This makes the book seem like a casual conversation; which I will say is rather candid in nature.

Something I will like to mention about the book is – it is an honest book coming from the heart. While reading you will feel it that Karan’s mind is what the book tells us it is. It is crude where he rants about Kajol and her unimportance in his current life. It is warm when he speaks of Adi Chopra and Shah Rukh Khan. It is sad when he talks about how friendship took a backseat in the business partnership he has with Apoorva Mehta. You will feel the honesty he has put in the book. I will still call it as an account of parts of his life and not something that chronicles it.

Hope you enjoy reading the book because I certainly did enjoy the candor.

Happy Reading!

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The importance of storytelling

While I dwelled into my love of stories and books in my last post. I want to focus this one on the importance of storytelling and in consequence the importance of reading or listening to stories.

Stories inspire us. They may be in the form of an incident that occurred to us or to someone else but they inspire us. I remember when I read Rafa – My Story. I have never been as inspired in my life as I was then. I know of people who have anecdotes of what changed their lives and they use it to inspire others. If you are ever looking for inspiration – read and read more until you find your inspiration.

Stories are life as we feel it at that point in time. Every story, ever written by anyone in this world is a reflection of what they felt at that point in time. It can be happy or sad. It is the authors feeling that comes out on paper. When you read, you are looking at life from someone else’s perspective. You are feeling what the author wants you to feel. Reading is empathizing.

Stories help us judge the right from the wrong. Stories help us learn that there is a gray. Stories are the gray. Stories are the medium through which a child learns easiest.

History is also a story, story that one intends to learn from. A story that is intended to be repeated but with a different end.

Stories are a retreat into a parallel space where you can forget your worldly worries. Stories let you can run your imagination into the extraterrestrial or closer to home just a different life. Stories let you be who you want to be. It is a safe haven for the reader/listener. Away…far far away.

I like to be teleported into space with the tales of the long gone. What do you like?

Happy reading!